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Pet Travels
International Pet Mover
  1. Exporting Pets from Sri Lanka
    We have an experienced team of international pet relocation experts, animal handlers, veterinarians, logistics experts to handle any pet move. We also have agents all across the world to handle door-to-door pet moves. We have very close partnerships with all major airlines which allows us to carefully arrange safe pet transportation for your valued fur babies.
  2. Importing Pets to Sri Lanka
    We have an in-house team who handles Customs Clearance and they are well versed in clearing live animal shipments. We typically complete the Customs Clearance within few hours and subsequently transfer the pets to the animal quarantine station before the pet being released to the pet owner
  3. Customs & Quarantine Clearance in Colombo
    We have an in-house team of Customs Clearance personnel who are well experiences in handling live animal shipments. Our quarantine clearance team is very capable in getting the pets cleared to go home in no time.
  4. Specializing in the Relocation of Rescued Cats & Dogs
    Our Team has the top knowledge in rescuing pet dogs and cats and ensuring that the pets comply to destination country import regulations and then arranging the flight. We provide pet boarding services for pets who needs to stay until they comply to destination country's import requirements.
  5. Import Permit and Import License for pets arriving in Sri Lanka
    We will assist you to obtain the import permit and the import license which is required for pets to land in Sri Lanka. We will advise you on all import requirements when importing pets to Sri Lanka. Rest Assured.